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The Original Version
Hush Hush (Radio Edit)

The Remixes
Hush Hush (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
Hush Hush (DJ Fisun Radio Edit)
Hush Hush (DJ Fisun Extended Mix)
Hush Hush (Dave Audé’s I Will Survive Club Mix)
Hush Hush (Dave Audé’s I Will Survive Radio Edit)
Hush Hush (Dave Audé Re-Remix)


A couple of remixes surfacing from Kelly Clarkson‘s second single this year. Ashanti Boyz & Bimbo Jones take a chance.

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remixes for girls aloud’s upcoming single are out.

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Kid Cudi released this song somewhere around fall last year in a collaboration with Crookers, and since then it’s been climbing the charts all around. i don’t think many people have heard the original version without Crookers, but that one’s pretty flat. i’ve never been a big fan of this song, but recently Bimbo Jones remixes it, and frankly it changed my opinion completely.

Day ‘N Night >> DL
Day ‘N Night (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) >> DL
Day ‘N Night (Crookers Remix) >> DL

am i the only one who thinks that Britney’s new album is missing something? all of these songs are just okay, but there’s something that i find is missing. it’s kind of like they had been working hard on these songs, and then just gave up and went onto work on another one. and yes, i’m mainly talking about her newest single, If U Seek Amy. however, with that said, i think i’ve figured out what’s been missing – and the answer is Nick*‘s remix. that remix has finally arrived, and i’m never disappointed with the remixes that Nick* gives us. the Bimbo Jones mix is also pretty solid.

If U Seek Amy >> DL
If U Seek Amy (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
>> DL
If U Seek Amy (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)
>> DL
If U Seek Amy (Nick* Remix)
>> DL
If U Seek Amy (Tony Arzadon Radio Edit)
>> DL

– thanks to coverlandia for the album cover.