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The Original Version
Hush Hush (Radio Edit)

The Remixes
Hush Hush (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
Hush Hush (DJ Fisun Radio Edit)
Hush Hush (DJ Fisun Extended Mix)
Hush Hush (Dave Audé’s I Will Survive Club Mix)
Hush Hush (Dave Audé’s I Will Survive Radio Edit)
Hush Hush (Dave Audé Re-Remix)


u2 showing that they’re not over yet.

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a couple more remixes hit the interweb, loving it.

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the dolls have released another single.

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high school musical alumni ashley tisdale’s ‘guilty pleasures’ single number one.

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this duo reached number one on the dance club play chart with this track.

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next up is Lady Gaga‘s most recent single, LoveGame, which featured a video in which Gaga shared a kiss with another girl. shocking, i know. anyway, i’ve loved this track since i discovered it back in september, but it’s only been revealed to the rest of the world recently, like i said earlier. however, even though i love the original plenty, the Dave Audé remix doesn’t cease to amaze, just like everything else this man touches.

LoveGame >> DL
LoveGame (Dave Audé Club Mix)
>> DL
LoveGame (Dave Audé Radio Edit)
>> DL
LoveGame (Kelvin Nicholas Radio Edit)
>> DL
LoveGame (Space Cowboy Remix)
>> DL

– thanks to coverlandia for the album cover.