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what better way to start this blog, than to post some Lady Gaga songs? i’m starting with her infamous Eh Eh [Nothing Else I Can Say] which hasn’t proven to be too successful on the market, and in my opinion is a pretty lame song in itself. The song didn’t make it onto the billboard hot 100 list, which doesn’t really come as a surprise to me. However, two remixes have been released of this song as far as i know, and in my opinion the Pet Shop Boys one is best. It really serves the song right, and definitely makes it worth listening to. the FrankMusik remix is okay, but not exactly my cup of tea.

Eh Eh [Nothing Else I Can Say] >> DL
Eh Eh [Nothing Else I Can Say] (FrankMusik SilverSpoon Remix)
>> DL
Eh Eh [Nothing Else I Can Say] (Pet Shop Boys Remix) >> DL
  • thanks to coverlandia for the album cover.